Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Overheard in L.M.E.- Good People We

late one Wednesday night in March. From Durham, with love:
ev livid e: im watching the weirdest video ever
ev livid e:
ev livid e: was in alex's profile
a dam e: yeah i think i saw it
ev livid e: what does it mean?
ev livid e: the world sucks and darkness is taking over, with ugly things
a dam e: like the real world
ev livid e: how comforting
a dam e: i try to make everything more comfortable
ev livid e: you know what video i love
a dam e: the song is boring
ev livid e: yea
ev livid e:
a dam e: i don't like boy bands
ev livid e: i don't either. except this one
ev livid e: god i love this song so much
ev livid e: if it was a sandwich, i'd eat it
a dam e: raw
ev livid e: unseasoned
a dam e: still alive
ev livid e: with love
ev livid e: MY LOVE
ev livid e: count it!
ev livid e: dagger! poke poke poke!
a dam e: hahahah
ev livid e: go to 00:35 in the video
ev livid e: and your heart/face/everything will melt
ev livid e: nicky and his eyebrows
ev livid e: oh man aliiive
ev livid e: and 00:50 when he bounces and puts his one arm across his chest
a dam e: does he have hot ones?
ev livid e: 1:12
ev livid e: just go to these special moments
ev livid e: you sohuld be thanking me
ev livid e: oh nicky
ev livid e: 2:25
ev livid e: he makes intense eye contact ont hat one
a dam e: with you and only you

Auto response from ev livid e: takin care of business
ev livid e: i felt my heart leave me, flutter into his eyes, then flutter back in a mere second
ev livid e: im not kidding, watching this video, im getting a boy bander crush on nicky
ev livid e: i haven't felt this way since justin timberlake in nsync
a dam e: you disgust me
ev livid e: did you go to those time marks?
a dam e: i'll watch on mute
ev livid e: no! then you won't hear nicky's voiiice
a dam e: so which one is nicky?
ev livid e:the one in the light brown jacket
ev livid ekinda long hair
ev livid e the HOT one
ev livid e the one that my time frames are showing!!!
ev livid e can't you just feel that charisma burning into your retinas. and skin. and heart
a dam e: some showed the whole group
a dam e is he blonde?
ev livid e: yea
ev livid e light brown leather jacket
a dam e: he looks llike nick carter
ev livid e except much much better
ev livid e he has that sexy charm in his eyes. just watch those moments. you'll know it. you'll sense it
ev livid e: that first eyebrow is so key. he really communicates with the viewer
ev livid e: no one else does it the way he does
a dam e: no one
a dam e: ever
ev livid e: not even andrea bocelli
ev livid e: too soon?
a dam e: too soon?
a dam e: he's been blind forever
ev livid e: i meant too soon, as in our world is not ready to laugh at handicapped jokes
ev livid e: its ok, im all about progress. im pushin it
a dam e:: i made a anna nicole joke 4 minutes after i found out she died
ev livid e: oh tell it!
ev livid e: together we will chang ethe world
ev livid e: was it something along the lines of, fat people always die faster
a dam e: (that wasn't really a joke)
a dam e: i forgot mine
a dam e: i make 45 offensive jokes a day

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