Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Careful There, Your Guilt is Showing

Editor & Publisher had a really thoughtful article on another way that He That Won't Be Named has been cheating all these years. Through that ridiculous arm armor he wears. I've been saying for a while that it gives him an advantage because it allows him to crowd the plate and effectively take away the inside part of the plate from the pitcher and also increases his area that can be hit. I guess in that way its within the rules of the game but its still b.s. (which is why I strongly advocate throwing at his head!) Of course that theory was perhaps shaded by my extreme hatred towards him so perhaps I'm biased. But Editor & Publisher seems to be quite a reputable site and organization (I mean look at how nice and classy that ampersand is in their name) and they lay out a list of mechanical and physical (as in physics) reasons why that armor gives him an advantage; you can read it on their site I'm too lazy to write them all here. But I fully agree with all of their assertions and it is shameful that The Disgrace To Humanity and the Game has been allowed to do all of this shit for so long with impunity. I hate him.

This next bit is not nearly as dry; Home Run Derby has a clip of The Unnatural in the on-deck circle and if his teammates actually did like him wouldn't one of them mention his fly was open. It's a video of a clip on a computer so it's already small enough (I don't think they have MLB's expressed written consent, shh!) but if you look at his groin its visible. Don't worry you can't see anything naughty, side effects of steroids and all.

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