Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Morning Cuteness:Reunited

So I'm back from my sojourn in the Great White North of this state, it was gorgeous and a pretty good time (though a few things didn't work out as planned) and I really want to move up there now.( I would kill to work for the Tides Center; pray for mojo) And with this being my first post in a week or so here's your Monday Morning Cuteness, which I found through Best Week Ever. A little background may be in order here. This lion was orphaned as a cub and taken in and raised by human parents. They, being good environmentalist, realized that it was time for him to be set free in the wild, and so he was. The following video takes place a year after his release into the wild, and is the first time they had seen each other since.

Wow. Here's more of their story here. That is seriously like the best thing I've seen like ever.

As for today and maybe the next few as well, I haven't really kept up with news or any of my sources (a/k/a/ I haven't planned or researched or snagged anything),so I don't know how lean and free of awesomeness or what not this site will be but we'll work through it together.

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1 comment:

the thelosopher said...

i thought there was going to be gore, but you surprised me with love. i'm choked up, thanks for the gift