Friday, August 10, 2007

Duke Sports; Destined to Break My Heart...Again

some links that I have had cluttering my bookmarks all about Duke (dear old)

  • Some really rich old guy got to go to K's Basketball Academy and he wrote about it here. How do I know he's rich and old? Because you have to be at least 35 and it cost $10,000 for the weekend. I guess for a lot of people it is a life time dream, and if you can drop 10k on a weekend go for it, though the things that could be done with that money... It's a lot of money.But it really seems worth it, with the plethora of Duke legends who come in, and apparently K is a lot calmer and nicer than his regular game time demeanor. I really wanna go. First step- get rich. 2nd step get old. Working on them both. I really need to be an Iron Duke.
  • But of course you don't have to be old or rich to interact with The Team. No Duke is paradise where everything is wonderful and the "gods" interact with mere mortals. This Dukie got to watch a pick up game at Wilson with the teams constituted as "Duke recruits Nolan Smith and Taylor King, along with Jon Scheyer and Jay Williams [on one team]. The other team featured Greg Paulus, Lance Thomas, Gerald Henderson, and Chris Carrawell. " That must have been awesome to watch and he has some pretty good observations. I'm getting excited for the season, I must admit. I have so much faith in G-Love ( Gerald Henderson "you can't spell his name without God) and Special Sauce ( Greg Paulus.)
  • As for our football team. ::sigh:: I always have so much faith in them and after we beat Carolina my freshman year I was certain we would win a bowl game. Instead we won like 2 games in the next 3 years. But I still believe that Duke Football is on the verge of greatness, probably two steps away from an ACC championship (hey it happened to Wake, who we should have beaten by 3 scores.) Last year we should have won like at least 5 games, except for our damn kicker ( I hate your Surgan) and some bad luck. And we are continuing to get good recruits our talent level is rising ( though to replace the one and only John Talley is a major feat. I can't believe he didn't get drafted.) But enough about the past and hypothetical futures. It's a new year and I'm predicting a bowl game, though it would really help if one of our best defenders, Michael Tauiliili didn't get arrested in the Cook-Out (mmmm) parking lot. According to the report "[the linebacker,] who was driving his 2000 Ford Expedition, failed to stop after the wreck, despite having caused property damage, and then got into some kind of altercation during which he allegedly pointed a gun at a person and physically assaulted them. Tauiliili had a concealed knife on his person at the time of his arrest and was accused of pointing a BB gun at an individual, according to warrants.
    Michael said Monday she didn't have details of the fight Tauiliili allegedly engaged in or details of the injuries he allegedly caused the victim but said that the linebacker's blood alcohol was .12 at the time of his arrest." C'mon Tauilililillilil, you're better than that. And he's suspended indefinitely which is a major loss. But we will get through it and (the) Thaddeus Lewis will lead us to the promised land. Thaddeus Lewis for the Heisman; you heard it hear first. We already have a vote in the polls ( I Love you Spurrier) [UPDATE: If you wanna see some serious ownage about this, skim this post but read the comments: Simply Brilliant] . Soon we will have more.
  • Of course it would help our entire athletic department if we had a change of leadership. Instead of Firing Joe Alleva as they should have, Duke rewarded him with a contract extension. It's ridiculous and he's worthless and living off the surplus and legacy of the Tom Butters era. And it is a rumour that I heard from my friend, but he was in a position to know, that Steve Spurrier before he took the South Carolina job wanted to come back to Duke but Alleva didn't return the phone call. Fucking unacceptable, damn your loyalty I want a major title! That is all.

Oh and this isn't about Duke but as so many people say Duke Basketball is like the Yankees I'll let that be the link. Anyway Derek Jeter has herpes! Herpes! And a report is stating that he gave it to Jessica Alba. It may not be true but I choose to believe it. I really hate him even more know. Damn Yankees, ruining America and our natural resources. I mean Jeter has been linked to like everyone in Hollywood and everyone sleeps with everyone. Derek Jeter is like a plague rat. And disgusting and I hate him. He must be stopped.

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