Friday, August 31, 2007

Your Simply Amazing Stuck in My Head Song of the Day

Ok I need to finish this really quickly so I can peace. Anyway I decided today when I was in my kitchen cooking and having a dance party with my dogs (aka me dancing around while they stared confused at me) that if I were to ever start stripping that Paul Weller's I Walk on Gilded Splinters is totally my moneymaking song. And so that is your stuck in my head song of the day. I've always thought the song was a great strutting and walking song but I never realized how damn sexy that groove and bass line is. I can't help but feel hot and sexy and like a badass when I hear it. Here's a live version

Anyway I'm off Monday so you guys enjoy your three day weekend. As for now I'm dressed to go shake my ass. I think I will.

ciao tutti. stay in touch but more importantly stay safe out there.

Paul Weller- I Walk On Gilded Splinters (mp3)

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