Friday, August 31, 2007

Coonie Tunes

It's only the second week of this and I feel like I'm tempting the Black Crusaders to come down upon me. Anyway this cartoon is Little Black Sambo and it is based on a 19th century Colonial Indian children's tale. I guess sambo in this instance is supposed to be Indian ( so all of my brown friends; you are allowed to be offended as well) there are no tigers in Africa but this is just full of racist black stereotypes. From the very tar like appearance of the mother and son's skin to the mom being a perfect Mammy type, using a washboard to wash her boy and darkening the water and then dusting him with black baby powder. The first minute or so is really hard to talk but then it evolves into a basic cartoon, Tom and Jerry or Sylvester type deal.
And posting this video today really gave my pass because the version I had and that is the most viewed on Youtube was posted by a White Supremacist site that had a link to a White Nationalist website in his profile, more racist shit, a plea to the 1st Amendment (I really hate that Amendment sometimes) and the number 1 linking site to that version of the video was a pretty scary white supremacy site, so I didn't and don't want to "support" any of those views or give that poster any more power by using his version, and I hope these Friday Mornings are not seen as perpetuating stereotypes but I hope they are used rather to look back at shameful periods of our history where cartoons like the following were made and enjoyed, periods where fear or hatred possibly indoctrinated the next generation with this stereotypes and xenophobia and continued this long disgusting and hate filled cycle which in the end only causes more violence and distrust. And the beat goes on. Anyway here is Little Black Sambo from I think 1935

( ah and at least the main linking site to this version is Weezer nation, so hopefully they're just ironic hipster kids.)

Dead Kennedys- Nazi Punks Fuck Off (mp3)

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