Monday, August 6, 2007

Everyone Hates Josh

Josh McRoberts has always been rather useless. Sure he'd have a few minutes or even a game where he looked like he could be amazing, and so we all would think this was it and he would begin to live up to his hype, but as any Dukie knows he was so damn inconsistent and timid and too scared to be The Man that his two years were all lived on potential (and of course his magic feet didn't help). It was a bad omen and looking back a definite sign that we were going to suck last year when K named Josh as one of his tri captains. When he declared for the draft it was met with a collective "Eh." I must say I was shocked when he was drafted.
But the only reason I would mention him on this site (besides to point out for all those who never saw her how attractive Jennifer McRoberts, his mom, is. She looks no older than 30 and a part of me is convinced that she had him when she was like 5. Watch the stands at any Trailblazer game for the only person wearing a McRoberts jersey, it'll be worth it. Until he gets sent off to Europe of course) would be to make fun of him and today that is quite easy with the news that one of the girls from The Hills, L.C. (though that names mean nothing to me ; I've never seen the show) dumped him after a single date. Apparently he's immature. I'm not surprised. And she sure looks happy to be seen with him.
It's times like this when I wish I could be a fly on his wall just so I could hear him yell, as he did so often in Cameron when he screwed up, "FUCK!"
I feel so bad for Greg Oden.

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