Friday, August 10, 2007

Your Simply Amazing Stuck in My Head Song of the Day

I was first reminded of this song when I found an article about a new touch screen high tech instrument called a ReacTable Tactile Synth. I'm not sure how exactly it works, here's a better description and a sweet demo video as well, but it looks super cool and pretty and reminds me of the new MicroSoft Surface thing. As for the sound that it creates, let's just say I enjoy that kind of out there distortion and challenging noise and I totally would use one for my band Baby Jane, but it is definitely not for everyone.
But Björk, who this sound totally meshes with, saw and heard it and started using it on her tour so its been getting some notices now. The song that was linked to the story was Bjork's Pluto, which is a really awesome song off of her Homogenic album (great album, great cover), if you love Björk, and if should always try different things. As I was preparing for this post and looking up some stuff I looked up the lyrics because they are a tad indecipherable (just by listening I never understood more than "Excuse Me But I Just Have To Explode") but they are actually sort of uplifting and fit in with that new notion of starting anew and escaping pain to find a better peace (or that kind of jazz)

Excuse me
But I just have to
Explode this body
Off me...

I'll be brand new
Brand new tomorrow
A little bit tired
But brand new

Thats how I feel so much of the time. Anyway I'll be going up to San Fran next week where hopefully I'll get a job, or laid, though prospects for either..I have none at the moment. Accordingly there will be new no posts (though you can always go through the archive; hours, days even of awesomeness!) So for now I will leave you with Björk, my little lovely Icelandic fairy singing Pluto (UPDATE: or here's a version with a naked guy that I actually like a lot; it has to be a Matthew Barney work but the one below has new coolness ) at this years Glastonbury Festival (thats the reactable in the beginning.)

Okay everyone. And to each of you, Courage.
Love, Jacqui

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