Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Morning Cuteness

This weekend I saw Idlewild for the first time. I had really planned on it but it was on and I didn't want to get up so I watched some of it, but I must admit I couldn't get through it. One amazingly pleasantly surprise was the kid who played Young Rooster who is like my favorite actor ever. I saw him on the Human Giant's Shutterbug skits and he is awesome and is so going to be a star ( I can feel it.) He plays the boss of the agency in part 2 but you need to see part one for context so enjoy. Oh and the kids are so so cute and it's a really well done sketch.
Part 1

Ah I had totally forgotten how cute lil' George Bush is. (It continues here)
And finally here's number B starring the greatest actor, nay entertainer of the next generation Bobb'e J. Thompson (remember the name)

"I got baby armani floaties" hahahaHa! I really love that kid

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