Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Things that are too cool/trendy for me

but of course I still want to experience.

  • For the teenager who spent 500 hours (!) hacking an iPhone in order to make it work on any carrier to give it to me. I mean I'd trade it. For, hmm... let's say I'd give him a hug. I have a feeling it would be the most female affectation he's ever gotten.(I mean seriously! could you not shower and wash your hair before the photographer came? Or did they sneak in on you at that exact moment when you finally hacked into it and you were surprised?) This kid is soo going to be richer than I can even imagine.

  • But who needs a tonne of money when you have a house this cool.The Single Hauz, which looks like a thicker billboard, just seems so awesome. And plus the cachet of having it before most people is priceless. Sure you won't be able to throw huge keggers (or probably even small dinner, but who needs friends anyway? And this way you always have an excuse not to have houseguests.
  • Yeah friends are overrated. Though I really want to get so many of these Hug Shirts to send to them for those moments when I want to be utterly sentimental or we both need to know someone else is there and cares (awww)
  • Once again another thing I want is for Americans to sacrifice their SUVs for the good of the world. Just like Prospective President John Edwards says.
  • I'm calling it now Interstellar will be the greatest movie ever. Directed by Spielberg. A plot written by Jonathan Nolan concerning wormholes and other hypotheses Einstein was never able to prove? There's no way it won't be amazing. God I can't wait. Now I have another reason to wish for 2009 to come sooner. I see no point in 2008.
  • For us as US Americans to finally get the truly accurate maps we need. I think these would do quite nicely.
  • To have my very own Mclovin id. What's that? I can? Well, isn't that just special.
  • And finally for the new American Gladiators to be just as awesome as the original one. It was and is still the greatest competition show on tv. Don't screw it up or "update it" too much. We don't need to see the contestants train or learn their personalities; that's far too common and boring ( I will choose who to root for, thank you very much) Just keep the spandex and the big hair, but failing that... Please keep the cheesy names. Ah Nitro, Lace and who can forget Malibu? I've never been happier about the Fall. So. Excited.

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