Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Truly Classic Commercial

So sometime last week when I was on Youtube doing...research I came upon the long version of that old animated Tootsie Roll Pop commercial that they still use. ( I don't think I've actually had a tootsie roll since I was like 9, and I'm pretty sure I don't like them but I still dig the commercial) I had never seen the full minute version so I was naturally intrigued and watched it. Since you probably haven't seen it either this should be a treat for you.

I'm not sure I like this version as much as the shorter spot. The story seems to be more of like some native folktale allegory and fables something like the Anansi stories we used to read in elementary school, instead of it just being a commercial about a smart ass and lazy owl owning a far too trusting kid.

Yeah.That owl is pretty sweet. And let that be a lesson to you kid; never give up your goodies that easily and don't trust someone who's still wearing a mortar board.
Wow, what did we ever do in a world before Youtube?

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