Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Come Out, Come Out Whoever You Are

I guess a bathroom stall could be the size of a closet, maybe that's why certain people are so comfortable in them. Continuing the trend of conservatives with publicly very anti gay record being arrested for soliciting male officers for sex, Senator Larry Craig of the 0% HRC congressional rating, who was arrested on June 11th in a Minneapolis airport bathroom for disorderly conduct, pled guilty and then denied that fact stating that he overreacted finally came out today...to release a statement that he is "not gay [and has] never been gay."

Larry, you and your deluded wife have to be the only one's who believe that. There have been many rumours about Craig's sexuality since the early 80s when he was seemingly involved in a Congressional Page sex and drugs scandal and then was outed last year (or more credibly here). If this had happened to another politician it would have been a fairly big deal but the fact that it happened to Craig, who is surrounded by so much smoke as to be flaming, pardon the pun; sorry sir but three strikes and you're out. Just admit it; have some dignity.

This guy at The Nation (via Queerty) has an interesting take on this bathroom/republican phenomenon. As for my thoughts: If you wanna stay in the closet, for whatever reasons or hang ups that's fine, but to promote an agenda that can be seen as hurtful to others and self hating, which reinforces inequality and intolerance is morally wrong and though I am opposed to involuntarily outing (it's an incredibly personal step, which is why I haven't outed my brother) I think that it may be justifiable so that these politicians and moral leaders may feel publicly that same sense of shame and ridicule, the sting of "institutionalized otherness" and intolerance that they support and force upon many members of the Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered community through their votes opposing GLBT rights. Barney Franks, last year, on Bill Maher actually said what I'm tryng to say far more eloquently than I could ever hope to

Just come out;in the end you'll be a lot happier. Plus guy's bathrooms are disgusting.

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