Monday, August 20, 2007

I Got Soul...

this weekend I hadn't planned to go to the movies but I was in the theatre killing time and they were giving away Superbad shirts which was awesome so I felt inspired to see the movie. I heard that it was pretty good but it totally exceeded my expectation. I think I may have laughed for the first hour without pause. Anyway I had read in the Rolling Stone Review that Seth Rogen and his partner (writing partner) wrote it when they were 13 which I could see because the movie is basically one long dick joke and the situations that are encountered are like the fantasies of a teenager ( I remember when I was 13 and wrote my screenplay the situations were just a "tad" different; I had a transgendered character, for some reason )but still kind of blew me away just because though it was kind of immature it wasn't really juvenile, if that makes any kind of sense. Teenage boys are going to worship this movie, I may have outgrown that worship phase, some of the jokes did "ew" me. But it actually is a sweet love story in its way.
In the review that I read it said that Seth Rogen wrote the role of Seth for himself to play but that they decided he was too old for the role so Jonah Hill got it ( though he's only a year younger) but it worked out because Seth would have been way too old and Jonah Hill was enough of an asshole and irritating (which he may have learned by going to Crossroads, ugh) that he was perfect for the role. (And he has maye the best line ever Julie: "You know you scratch our back we'll scratch yours." Seth: "Yeah the thing about my back is it's a cock") And Michael Cera, ah I love George Michael and he's so good (as always) in it as well. But Mclovin is pretty much perfect in it just everything about him and his dorky white boy ness.
After I saw it and loved it and saw the lines for it I thought it would have a 40+ million opening but 33 is nothing to sneeze at, and I'm sure it'll have legs with the incredible word of mouth it has to be getting. And to think I was debating whether to see it or The Invasion; you always got to go with James Brown. It was good to see Clark had a line as well. But here are some of the viral marketing that preceded it, which were almost as good as some of the movie.
From a press junket

or here's Michael Cera auditioning for Knocked Up
Michael Cera gets fired from Knocked Up

Ok I think I've shilled enough for Sony Pictures without actually being paid for it. (but seriously go see it; you'll enjoy it.)

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