Friday, August 10, 2007

John Edwards and other lesser politco news

So remember how excited we all were when the story was leaked that Brad Pitt and Angelina got into a huge fight because Brad supports Barack and Angelina supports John Edwards? Well now she's denying those reports. It's okay Angelina no matter what you say I understand and will continue to believe that you, Angelina Jolie, support John Edwards. I mean you don't want to be like Flip Flop Romney now do ya? If you really wanna retain your cool factor you'll hop back on the bandwagon now (he's still leading in Iowa!), because going purely straight and vanilla removes some of the coolness aura.
Plus that "eternal arbiter of coolness and present day hipness (just read the first few paragraphs) Rolling Stone magazine, in their latest issue (the one with Zac Efron on the cover, the pretty pretty boy that he is; women can't help but love him) has a story about John Edwards calling him "The Real Liberal With Big Ideas." It's a pretty good and glowing article and I wish I could find it online but I'll keep trying so I can give you some good quotes (I can only be expected to cut and paster- typing is far too much work)

Oh and I am removing my support of Bill Richardson for the VP spot until he clarifies or thinks about his idea that "homosexuality is a choice." And Bill, your reasoning that you're "not a scientist" needs work. I think I may start leaning back to my original ticket of Edwards/Biden; the many positives and ethnicity of Richardson be damned. Just kidding. Kind of.

Finally I feel so so bad for the good President Bush. It has to be so hard to have your son destroying the world and doing it so incompetently that the whole world hates and criticizes him. George H.W. actually deserved to be President and seems to be a truly good man ; his son Georgie well it probably would have been better for everyone if he had stuck with the bottle instead of the bible.

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