Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Barack Is Not Capable of Original Thought

It happened once before where Barack stole a line from John Edwards (I mentioned it here and rightly ridiculed him) and once again his hand is in the cookie jar. To paraphrase Reagan there he goes again. Once again his thievery is showing. This is from the Washington Post "Sleuth" Blog

Sources close to Edwards say Obama is parroting one of the former North Carolina senator's best lines -- that America needs a president who's "not afraid to use the word 'union.'" They noticed that last Saturday in Iowa at an AFL-CIO event Obama said, "We need a president...who is not afraid to mention unions."

News reports since April have quoted Edwards using a similar line. In June, speaking to unionized local and state government employees, Edwards said, "Isn't it time to have a president of the United States who's not afraid to say the word 'union' and is proud to stand with you and your cause?"

He was quoted again last month at a United Steelworkers forum saying, "We need a president not afraid to use the word 'union.'"

A spokesman for Barack's campaign shrugged it off by saying "What a silly thing to point out in so serious a race" before resorting back to Barack's only selling point it seems, the fact that as a STATE senator, and obviously in a position to make a difference, was against the War. Look Barack you're beginning to seem to still be pressing down on the pedal because you're still sounding that one note. It's time to stop living off a past decision made when you were in no position to make a difference. ( I was against the war in 2000; you can ask my AP Comparative Government class. Am I qualified to be president?)

What a silly thing to point out in so serious a race.

No I think this is a very important thing to point out. I believe we need a president who is able to craft his own thoughts and form his own ideas, or at the very least admit where the stolen thought came from. Isn't there some level of honesty and integrity that should come into play, that same honesty and integrity that you always claim to be about? Isn't that the what we really need in the White House after these last two terms and the damage done to our credibility and reputation upon all fronts and stages?
This is what you should do Barack, go back to the Senate or some other public service enterprise and then run again in 2016 when you're actually experienced. And you can also use those next eight years to help raise your kids and put your family first.
It really is in the best interest of everyone.

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