Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Overheard in L.M.E.- Intolerance*

*its not just a Tool song or D.W. Griffith film
from an afternoon in Durham on th 10th of October of the year past

ev livid e: its going to be a crazy season. and hottttt dougray scott's in it!
a dam e: im not sure who that is
a dam e: previous roles...go!
ev livid e: ever after
ev livid e: he was the prince
ev livid e: thats all that matters
ev livid e: he was hottt
a dam e: thats what i thought
ev livid e: he was in some other sci fi crap, not impo
a dam e: and also the bad guy in mission impossible 2
ev livid e: haven't seen any of the mi's yet
ev livid e: i don't like tom cruise
ev livid e: i do know emmanuelle beart is in 2
ev livid e: mi 2
a dam e: im sure you did at some point
ev livid e: nope
ev livid e: i actually haven't
ev livid e: i will only see mi2
a dam e: the first one came out 190 years ago
a dam e: 10
a dam e: not 190
ev livid e: ahaha
ev livid e: i can promise i haven't seen it
ev livid e: i know the them e song. thats it
a dam e: we'll see
ev livid e: whaqt do you mean w'ell see? i know that i haven't seen any of them!
a dam e: we'll see when we play never have i ever after like 15 erica chang's
ev livid e: ahaha
ev livid e: why yht hell would i hide the fact that i've seen mi?
a dam e: your intolerance of scientology
a dam e: bigot
ev livid e: what?!
a dam e: yup
ev livid e: just because i don't support scientology does not mean that i hide my knowledge
ev livid e: you should know me by know.
ev livid e: you west coast people
a dam e: you don't want to admit you once supported and liked a scientologist at any pooint
a dam e: just like hitler and his jewish granddad
ev livid e: i honestly never liked tom cruise
ev livid e: WHAT?!!
ev livid e: don't drag hitler into this!
a dam e: a few good men
ev livid e: and i never likd john travolta
ev livid e: are you a scientologist
ev livid e: he wasn't in it
a dam e: no but i bet you like a scientologist
a dam e: jenna elfman?
ev livid e: hahaha NO!
a dam e: stacy who zak dated at the beach on saved by the bell
a dam e: giovanni ribisi
a dam e: beck!
ev livid e: nope. i was a tiffani thiessen fan
ev livid e: i don't like beck
ev livid e: i don't like italians
a dam e: beck isn't italian
ev livid e: giovanni is
a dam e: so you hate a person because of their nationaity?
a dam e: their heritage?
ev livid e: i don't hate the person. i just prefer the french
a dam e: vichy
ev livid e preference does not draw upon emotions of hate
ev livid e: exactly. spas!
a dam e: wow
a dam e: frau chang
a dam e: german. i don't like german
a dam e: tis okay
ev livid e i wasn't apologizing!
a dam e: its fine sweetheart
ev livid e: what?
a dam e: your racism
ev livid e: its not racism. its patriotism
a dam e: and your subsequent apology
ev livid e: i am never apologizing for my love of france
ev livid e: again, its all preference, not hate
a dam e: you were apologizing for hating germans
a dam e: and its ok
ev livid e: what?!
ev livid e: don't make me angry
a dam e: surrender to your emotions
ev livid e: i have no emotions
a dam e: no, surrender and be french
a dam e: oly germans are emotionless
ev livid e: by surrender, you mean love
a dam e: so thats why the french always surrender
a dam e: they think its a sign of love
ev livid e: its all about kumbaya
ev livid e: not like germany's stomp shoot stomp
a dam e: exactly
ev livid e: i don't like how you're agreeing with me. this is not good.
ev livid e: take it back
a dam e: why
ev livid e: because we are team disunity!
a dam e: everyone hates germany
ev livid e: i don't hate germany
a dam e: only when we paly beirut (hint hint) and you make me drink for you
ev livid e: i liked cologne when i visited, and the beer/meat hall my fam went to
a dam e: hate germans
ev livid e: [REDACTED]'s ancestors are german
a dam e: yeah she hates them too
ev livid e: oh dear
ev livid e: that is not good family dynamics
a dam e: germans are not lovable people
a dam e: just listen to their language
ev livid e: bratwurst sauerkraut
ev livid e that sounds delicious to me
ev livid e: (just the first part)
a dam e: trust me; germans " i love you" sounds like "death to the subhumans"

(and yes I have realized that one of the pseudonyms "a dam e" if it is respaced is the first name and initital (sp) of a guy I had a crush on but that was not the intent at all, i was going more for spacing like "a dame", but whatevs...)

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