Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song of the Day

Today's song is one of those songs that I love just because it got stuck in my head for absolutely no reason that I can pinpoint. In fact I don't think I had actually heard the song for a few months but who knows? Maybe something wanted me to have an easy time writing this post tonight. Anyway the song is Forever Lost by the Magic Numbers and it is such an upbeat breezy kind of 60ish infectious that its easy to stay lodged in your head once its in there. Especially with its clap along chorus (don't let the sun/be the one/ to change you baby/ i wanna learn how to lie/ if i'm to know/cuz I wanna go where the people go/cuz I'm Forever Lost.) I had never listened or knew the lyrics before but looking at them in research for this but I realize they speak to me more than I knew
"Looks like I'm driving
My friends all crazy
They say that they don't know me anymore"
But whatever it's a really catchy song and I love the female vocals ( a band made of two pairs of brothers and sisters-so 60s), and the video is really really cute too,(if I was ever animated this is so the style of animation I would want to be drawn in.) So here's Forever Lost by the Magic Numbers off their 2005 eponymous (I like that word) debut. Voila

a domani.

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