Friday, August 31, 2007

Sometimes I Really Wish I Was Smarter

I've had this for awhile but I didn't know how to fit it in so I didn't. But anyway astronomers have found a gaping hole in the Universe, nearly a billion light years across devoid of stars, galaxies, gas and even dark matter. I really have always been fascinated with astrophysics and the like and the questions it rises (here's my theory on the Big Bang that I first thought about in 6th grade history class: the material necessary for it came from the end of the past universe in the Big Squeeze or contraction or crunch, where all matter in the universe contained itself into that speck that Banged and birthed the Universe and it is a cycle and this cycle of universe birth and death will conitnue for all of time. That's as deep as I can go), and I would have loved to study it but I think the fact I suck at math may hinder me. But it always blows my mind.
The Universe really scares me sometimes and makes my brain hurt trying to think of the scope and size of all existence where a hole that would take light a billion years to go across has just now been discovered.I don't feel this has been made as public and as big a deal as it should be. Just think of the metaphysical leaps and questions that this can raise. There are huge holes of nothingness scattered all over all that we can imagine and more. The Universe the Everything The Endless Boundless in certain parts it's a little patchy. I really wish I was smarter so I could understand if this means that these could possibly be wormholes or gateways/tunnels to other universes and levels of existence. Or maybe we were right when we were kids in elementary school and we hypothesized (at least me and some friends) that maybe the Universe is a piece of cheese (in this case swiss) on a sandwich eaten by an off duty police officer.
And you know how Keanu Reeves is always mocked and ridiculed and deemed to be a slacker intellectually because of his Ted persona. I actually think he may be the wisest of us all and is actually pondering the size and scope and life cycle of the Universe and our infinitely small place in it All you can say when you actually think about it is "Whoa"

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