Thursday, August 23, 2007

Are You Experienced?

I used to love Mike Vick. In the Sugar Bowl against FSU and the game he had, and the way he was making the most athletic team in the country look overmatched by one man, it was beyond sick, and looking back now I'm still like wow.
Guy was electric.
And when this commercial came out it was such a phenomenal concept and was so cool, in that way the Vick was just cool and the commercial still stands up-ideawise.

Sigh, wtf happened? Now it seems the Michael Vick Experience for the next, I'm predicting 16 months, will contain a lot more of this and definitely some sodomy (though that won't necessarily make him gay , sports fans, in case you were "worrying." It's good to see that his jersey is being put to good use though.

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