Wednesday, August 8, 2007


[I'm a little scared to write this since some karma may be in play because after I wrote something badmouthing BALCO The Giant, the Dodgers sped up in their path to immolation by losing now 15 out of 20, but whatever happens now can't be as bad. Rock bottom is close]

So last night it finally happened. I remember flipping to ESPN as I normally do in my restlessness and they were showing a live cut in on the Giants game because He With the * was at bat. I immediately turned it off because I didn't want to be watching when it finally happened, but apparently it happened at that at bat becuase on the L.A. Times website they had a Breaking News Banner proclaiming Cheater as the New Home Run King*. I knew it was going to happen though I was hoping against hope that somehow he would be struck down, in a divine act of justice that would have reaffirmed my faith but alas it didn't and I had the same feeling that I think I felt when in 2000 Dubya was in the Texas State Legislature speechifying how "I am the President of You All" and then 4 years later with the election returns (and how moral issues were like the number one issue in the exit polls) and also when Palpatine ascended to become Emperor in Star Wars. It was a moment of finality, of when good seemingly lost to evil, of doom and despair and the world turned upside down. And in the case of The Unnatural I know no one respects him or believes in the legitimacy of this record but for a time He Who is More Machine and Technology Than Man name will be at the top of the record book*. But he's not the new homerun king, for Sadaharu Oh still lives and my he live for ever.

(and one more thing someone Streeter a new columnist for the Times wrote some article about how if you take prozac to "calm your nerves" and condemn The Evil One then you're a hypocrite, but what he doesn't mention (and at this point I may be talking out of my ass because I didn't read the whole article I was so disgusted) is that in this country STEROIDS ARE ILLEGAL. and even if it's a "symptom of a society looking for an edge" he should still be held to account. I mean the Times cutting costs and letting go of journalist have the money to keep this guy? Bring back Adande. Kurt Streeter, you're dead to me.)

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