Friday, August 24, 2007

When Conservatives Get Owned, We All Win

And this time it's been done with their own words and actions!
One of Rudy's methods of refuting the many documented health problems that Ground Zero workers have been stricken with is to say he was basically one of them and he spent as much time in that same environment ( implying that either he's tougher than they are or that his policies didn't contribute to their declining health because, in his mind and to his knowledge the air wasn't toxic.) Well...about that. It has now been studied and reported that during those first few months after 9/11, while most workers were at the site, Rudy was busy watching the eventual World Series Loser Yankees play. In fact he spent about twice as much time with the boys in Pinstripes, then the ones in ventilation masks. Do lies and exaggerations just naturally and effortlessly come out of their mouths? And do they even notice or care when the truth is told? Who knows. But this is yet another reason why Rudy can't win.

Well, it seems that everyone knew invading Iraq and trying to occupy it would be a horrible idea. Including one of the main architects/evil overlord Darth Cheney. Remember in the rush to war the belief that our troops would be greeted with flowers and welcomed as liberators when they entered Baghdad? (if you don't, there's always video footage and transcripts.) Well back when Dicky was a newly ex-Secretary of Defense in 1994 he had a very very different view.

It hasn't gotten that bad yet (though never say never) and of course he'd never admit he was wrong. (cognitive dissonance much?) The level of depravity in that man and this administration and the ideological fanaticism at the costs of tens of thousands of lives...I'm disgusted. Let's move on.

And finally here is supreme ownage by Al Franken on Ann Coulter. It doesn't need much set up or introduction so just enjoy the sweetness.

Well done, well done.

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