Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ah! Now I get Babe Ruth.

Speaking of transgenderism in sports.... No seriously, last night after I had seen the moon blocked out, and was trying to get to sleep, (a difficult task considering the pot of coffee I drank to stay awake) I went on Facebook. One of my friends, who is currently traveling on the Trans Siberian Railroad (how insane is that?) updated his profile and in my small hour haze I went to his groups. I joined one that is quite awesome and in that manner that the internet leads you to strange places I came across this video of Babe Ruth being an early proponent of Title IX in Fancy Curves teaching a sorority the fundamentals of baseball in order for them to compete against a frat at their college. It's almost 9 minutes long but it's well worth it:

Now I understand "Babe Ruth" the image and legend. I wasn't that big a fan of him because he was just some dead guy who was great, but was a Yankee and was. But I understand, among other things, why he was still an icon and a mythic figure in the Sandlot (greatest.movie.ever.) Guy had more charisma than he had home runs. And he was so jovial. I really could not see many major sports figure of today having that much fun with themselves, or their image, let alone someone who's a legend. The fact that he's henpecked and all yet still touches on his womanizing reputation. Or making fun of a big girl without any public ire. I guess it's good to be Sultan. And even though the girls were no Rockford Peaches (that movie makes me cry) in this brief sketch I still think I learned the fundamental skill set better than from any of Tom Emanski's.
But the Babe was not just a baseball expert; as you will see in this clip he was also the greatest math teacher I never had.

It must be really cool to be an icon. Such a wise man. And such a progressive one as well. Not only was the Babe all about integration but did you see how the black kid took control, proclaimed himself pitcher and had the most pivotal lines in the film? Too bad he served up a gopher ball.
I think the Babe saw a little bit of himself in that kid, cuz y'know the Babe was black and all.

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