Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song of the Day

So a lot earlier today Republica's Ready to Go came onto my iTunes and I started getting back in that mindset. And by mindset I mean I started to remember all these songs from the mid 90's with alternative girl bands, like The Breeders "Cannonball", Belly "Feed The Tree" Veruca Salt and Elastica. Many of these songs I had not heard or even thought about for years but there I was on youtube looking at all of the severely dated videos with the cliches of coolness at the time, (sepia tones, white backgrounds, stuttering camera work, oversaturation and naked seated people) and reminiscing about how much I miss when alternative still meant something different and how I really wanted to be in a chick band; it seemed like so much fun. Anyway out of all those songs that I came upon today the only one that stuck with me was Elastica's Connection, which is a tremendous song and one I'm sure will date me and go over the head of a lot of my friends. (God I'm old.)
I mean this video was captured from 120 minutes which was such an awesome show and was underground and after midnight and I really am dating myself; my friends were like 9 back then.
Enough grousing about my old age; back to the song. It's catchy as hell and I really like it and since it has taken me about a decade to remember that song existed I figure I may as well keep it in my memory by "immortalizing" it as your stuck in my head song of the day. Elastica really should make a comeback as all of those bands should. Once again I'm sensing an early 90's music revival. And even if you've never heard the song, or heard of the band that guitar riff will stick with you for a nice long time. Enjoy

Elastica- Connection (mp3)

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