Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I love the Drudge Report and by love I mean tolerate it because it does link to a lot of random useless stuff that passes my time. But today when I went to there for breaking news I was met with this News Exclusive that I just had to grab. Wait... you mean Cate Blanchett is playing Bob Dylan in a movie? But she's a girl! How long have people known about this? I mean seriously this has been like common news for quite awhile now, there have been leaks, critiques, information(s) and trailers. It is coming out relatively soon (it's almost Thanksgiving, right?). I'll forgive the Brits for being a little slow, I guess.
But I suppose it is still a "shock"when a role is played in Drag.

And in even more shocking news than a woman acting like a man, it seems that White Kids are happier with their lives than other youths. Seriously? Wow. Needless to say (though I will anyway and isn't that such a dumb phrase "needless to say"?) no nonwhite, especially black people were surprised. I mean next you're going to tell me that Sean Hannity is not a journalist...oh wait, you already did.

I must say I think I knew all that before. Yup.

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