Thursday, August 23, 2007

Testosterone= Not My Favorite Thing

It makes you dumb, disgusting, crazy and violent. Here are just a few examples:

These two guys hit on or try to strike up conversation with women, by going up to random ones and licking them. Ew. Ew. Ew. I'm not sure this is so funny, though some of the girls seem to take it in stride with good humour after they see the camera, but seriously that's just gross.

Since when has it been okay to do this type of stuff as long as someone is filming?

For this story keep in mind that it is not yet college football season. But a man wearing a Texas Longhorn shirt went into a bar in Oklahoma. And he left without something very important. This is from Deadspin:
"Thomas [the Longhorn supporter] said Beckett[the Sooner Fan], whom he had never met, called him "everything under the sun" for wearing a Longhorns T-shirt into the bar. He said he and his friend sat at a table in the corner and tried to ignore the other man, but other man kept screaming at him. Thomas said he decided he'd had enough after about 20 minutes of Beckett's abuse so he went to the bar to pay his tab. When he turned around, he said Beckett grabbed his crotch and refused to let go. Thomas hit the other man several times before several bar patrons intervened, but Thomas said Beckett didn't let go until Thomas heard his scrotum tear and blood ran down his leg."
Jesus, guys! I know it's a big rivalry and all but... it is still just a game. And a shirt. Poor guy.

And the mystery behind what Marco Materazzi said to Zizou in that pivotal moment in the World Cup has been revealed. Apparently all Materazzi said, when asked if he wanted Zidane to give him his jersey, was "I'd prefer your whore of a sister." Seriously? Is that it? I've said worse and more horrible things when playing Beirut or scrabble. I'm sure I've heard more horrible things when I played basketball when I was 8. He wouldn't have lasted a day in the States. You can't get yourself kicked out of the last and most important game of your life for that!(though I'm not complaining about the results; oh and Forza Italia!) And what was Materazzi thinking releasing the only piece of information in his upcoming book that people actually care about. That is not a good strategy.

Though Zizou's is the most famous headbutt, it is not nearly as impressive as this:
Did you watch it? I'll wait...
Ha! What the hell is in crystal meth? That's terrfiying (though really funny.) See, this is why you shouldn't do (cheap/trashy) drugs.

And I'm not saying that this Wolverine football player is on drugs, dumb or disgusting or violent, but this is one of the funniest things I've ever read. I literally LOL'd. Read it; it is so worth your time. Maybe he'll let me see his fuck lion or at the least, he'll accept my friend request...

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