Wednesday, August 29, 2007

170,000 and One...

Let me apologize because this is a day late, but yesterday was a strange long full post day so it's better this way. Anywhoo. Happy Belated Birthday to my favorite British Centenarian! Winnie Langley ( I love that name) turned 100 and celebrated by puffing a cigarette light by the candles. it was the 170 thousandth she's smoked. She started smoking them after Archduke Ferdinand was shot (wow) and she goes through 5 a day (wow my math is horrible; I thought it was about 17 a day). She was seven and she started smoking because "it helped steady the nerves" And she's outlived her husband and a son.
So take that all you anti smoking activists (which seems to be more and more of the world now.) I guess the trick is you don't inhale (god Bill Clinton was a genius, advocating healthy living and all.) Though that is such a tease.
So Winnie once again congrats! You are an inspiration ( I had quit but...). And may you live another 36527 days. (she is so adorable!)

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