Thursday, August 23, 2007

Only in L.A.

At those times when I get nervous, paranoid or self conscious because I'm wearing a skirt,I really need to remember that this is L.A. and that people have seen far worse and stranger. Like a man.Walking down the street. In the Middle of the Day. Carrying a Leopard. While Completely Nude.
From Defamer:

He stopped for all traffic signals, took good care of the cat in the intersections etc. He was so nonchalant about it.
There were a lot of LA traffic cops trying to get a handle on the situation - figuring out what to do. Then at Melrose and La Brea the cops came in and arrested him. Not sure what happened with the cat but the guy did put up a little bit of a fight. All the cops, traffic cops, people were shaking their heads - like only in LA.
Only in L.A. indeed. Now I've seen everything.

And now you have too. It's good to see someone either that free and one with nature, or incredibly blitzed out of his mind. He just needs to work on his tan, in certain places. Tremendous all around.

Oh and speaking of nude (or half nude) men Vladimir Putin was photographed shirtless and apparently the photos are causing quite a stir in Mother Russia ("I would turn my back on God himself...") The Russians are loving his physique and going crazy for his body. Um I guess...after a few shots of vodka ...and promises of power then sure.

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