Monday, August 20, 2007

Ed Wood Steals My Thoughts

I've had this for awhile but I didn't find a proper time to post it. But now as I'm drunk and a little tired from laying out now is a good enough time. Anyway some time ago Ed Wood was on IFC and I got really intrigued by Ed and his life . I tried to google Glen or Glenda with the hope that the full movie would be online but it wasn't. I did find this youtube clip which actually took my breath away. In the description it is labeled as "corny narration" but I must say there were numerous times in my life when I just believed this transsexualism, it's a new stage of evolution if not physically in the Darwinian sense at least socially. (It's as plausible as some theory I read that homosexuality was an evolutionary trait because homosexuals don't created offspring so they are extra hands to help and make sure other's children survive.) But whatevs, here it is, and think about it; who says it isn't so?

And I am so irresponsible being this drunk before 2 p.m. Whatever I (still) don't have a job ::sigh::

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