Friday, August 24, 2007

The Body Can Do Amazing Things

(even while fully clothed!)
I first saw this yesterday and the set up was too perfect for disaster. A 55 year old man was trying to establish the world record for lowest limbo at 5 and 7/8 inches. It is insane I have no idea how it's possible to get that low or be that flexible. I've been doing yoga for a year and I could get nowhere near that. Not that I limbo, as I think more about it. It seems like a fad out of the 70's or something. Here's the link to the Extra Mustard blog on; it's halfway down the page. Dude's in great shape.

But more important than that is this, which may be the coolest thing I've ever seen. It is a guy (it has to be a guy;the amount of time wasted creating this I couldn't see a chick doing that, though the purple ring on the left pinky gives me pause, but then again I don't know if its just the shadow but the arms seem pretty hairy and the nails are sort of junky.) who has created his own video for Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" a song that has been in my head for days now. It is mesmerizing to watch and actually left me in awe with my mouth agape. Watch for yourself, I promise you you won't be disappointed. This is Daft Hands:

Just to come up with that concept is really cool, but to execute it that perfectly...I salute you sir, madam or anywhere in between. I could watch that over and over. I think I may actually like it more than the official one. I remember when this video came out, I had no idea what was happening. But it is still a really good video (just doesn't have any hand with sharpie on them) and seriously who doesn't want to be an alien princess turned rock star:

The video is only part of a larger full length concept film called Interstella 5555, which is an anime movie soundtrack/companion piece to the album Discovery. You can watch it here. (or below; I'm seeing if this will work. UPDATE: I don't like trying new things. tried and true baby--

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