Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Theater of Bathroom Sex

Larry Craig said he originally entered a guilty plea because he thought that would make the whole thing go away. Yeahhh, about that. As I'm sure you know it hasn't and in the past couple of days there has been much glee and best expressed through reenactments of the incident (script provided by the arresting officer's report)
First up is the "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" production. The Dragnet theme is a little overdone, at least to me, and though Keith stated that he wanted the droll dry Dragnet style it is totally played for laughs, but you decide:

This is a more low budget, spur of the moment reenactment done by a local tv news outfit (in I don't know where.) My favorite part is the female broadcaster apologizing for her ignorance of male bathrooms:

And finally we have the Slate V Version, once again choosing a grainy black and white feel which adds it's own layer of noir and seedy acts and sordidness.

When I first heard about the story I thought he was arrested just on the basis of tapping his foot, but him looking repeatedly into the stall and waving his hand is really creepy and disgusting. But it reminds me when I was in a guys bathroom stall and written near the bottom of the divider was the instruction "Tap foot 4 BJ" which I never thought much of, or was really curious about ( though it seemed like it should have a schedule of times are something.) But once again there is nothing really erotic about a bathroom. To me. For others however...(and if you include yourself in that group just remember I don't judge) Slate has a very informative article on bathroom cruising. The tapping of the foot is kinda like a ballet in it's own way with intricate and specific rituals (showing the wedding band to increase allure.) Eh, I don't know. Someone's gonna have to buy me a drink (or three) first.

{UPDATE 1:50 p.m. CNN is broadcasting the audio of the interview immediately following the arrest and it is AMAZING. I'll try to find it somewhere online because you really need to hear it.}
{Update 1:59 p.m. here's a link . I'm not sure if it is the full interview though}{This might be better, and it has the transcript as well}

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