Monday, August 27, 2007

Ookie Goes To Jail

Sounds like a bad 80's comedy sequel doesn't it? So Vick pled guilty today and then offered a brief statement. He wore a pretty nice suit his collar and tie were a little disheveled and loose, like he had loosened it after doing something stressful like pleading guilty to federal felony charges. It seemed sincere, that he made a mistake and apologized to the kids he disappointed and wants to serve as a deterrent or a warning which is good and expected. I really hope he's sincere, though it is such a cliche to find Jesus after you have to go to jail, but I hope he can reclaim some type of a respectful life and redeem himself. I'm a strong believer in second chances. He accepted responsibility (which was a step in and of itself), spoke from the heart and apologized repeatedly, which is all one can really ask for in such a situation.He kept mentioning how he has a lot to work on and think about during the next year or so and hopefully he will actually use that time for the good and bettering himself as a person. Anything's possible.
Bob Ley on Outside the Lines, my favorite show left on ESPN, reported that as a first time non violent offender that he may be able to do his time in a minimum security facility, so I guess the prison rape and race wars won't be that intense.
Slate also had an article that I feel may be useful for all future white collar criminals. Apparently under Bureau of Prison regulations federal prisoners "are eligible for an approximately 15 percent reduction of their sentences if they behave themselves—so long as that original sentence is longer than a year. Sentence of one year? Serve one year. Sentence of one year and one day? With good behavior, you'll serve a bit more than 10 months." That is amazing ( I really need to keep that in mind.) Sentencing is scheduled for the tenth of December but if I were him I think I'd surrender myself the day after Thanksgiving; not only would it get lost in the news cycle (no one watched the news over 4 day weekends) but he could also start accruing time served. I think he could hmm, miss 2007 season, 2008, maybe eligible starting in the 10th or 12 game of 2009, but I'm just guessing.
Enough negativity. Kids always remember to keep your dreams alive and you never know when or how they will come true. You too could one day be 59 years old and going for a last hurrah playing college football ( I'm sensing a Disney movie, or at least a sequel.) Good luck to him and here's hoping he comes out of it with both hips intact.

Ok I'm done rambling; I'm a little off right now my focus is wavy. I'll try to get back on top of my game in a bit.

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