Tuesday, August 7, 2007

And in the Interest of Fairness

Boo America!
The U.S. has revoked Lily Allen's, my beloved Lily Allen, work visa. Which is no fair, no fair at all. Do they think she's some sort of threat to national security? I really like her and would have loved to see her live. Hopefully this will all get taken care of. Do it America, let Lily stay! But this story does give me an opportunity to post something I've had for a while, a rather awkward interview where Lily confesses she was kicked out of a high school because of um. a few oral extracurriculars that didn't involve singing (unless she was a little kinky)

And I know its a little hypocritical to say since I did just post the same interview on my blog, but I thought it was a little crass and cringeworthy that the interviewer seemed so eager to focus only on that aspect, and the more tawdry details. Maybe its because I don't like to think of her sexually, I don't know. She seems to handle it well though and the whole video makes me think she's more down to earth and cool and so I like her more, but I know I would be a little embarrassed by the whole thing

and speaking of embarrassing Google Streetview is now in So.Cal. I am now terrified for a few reasons not the least of which is the fear of get caught outside doing something embarrassing.

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