Thursday, August 30, 2007

Your Beyond Amazing, Simply Perfect Stuck in My Head Song of the Day

First a confession, because if I achieve nothing else on this site I try to be totally honest, I could not think of a single song that was in my head today. The only thing I could think of was Juliette Lewis' cover of PJ Harvey's "Hardly Wait" but it didn't feel right and the video didn't have the whole song. And after my last post, which I think sucks, and the alcohol in my system I got rather emotional and tried to find a perfect song that would convey what I was feeling, whatever this indescribable feeling is, or at least something related to the last post. So I skipped through songs in my library for about 90 minutes, discarded some immediately, thinking others would have to do, and thinking about maybe just saying fuck it and not having one tonight. Because after having a lot of really good posts today the last two, the most important two would end up being horrible.All the while feeling like more of a failure and getting closer and closer to crying.
But then Radiohead's True Love Waits began to play (or more specifically Thom Yorke's solo version from a school benefit) and I began to think, naturally, of Hubby and how this is the first Thursday Thursday that I haven't spoken to her, through e-mail at the least, and how this is the first of too too many until September of 2009, and it is kind of like love; you know when you know and I knew that no other song would be so perfect, no other song could take me out of my weird drunken state of self pity than one that makes me think of her. And the song is beyond tremendous, one of my top 10 all time I'd say,I can't even describe it really. So i won't even try but leave you with the lyrics here and a mp3 version below, with a youtube performance in between.

Radiohead- True Love Waits (mp3)
Man I love that band. God, I really miss Julia. Okay I'm going to cry happier tears when I fall asleep tonight. I guess that's enough.

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