Thursday, August 30, 2007

There's Something to be Said about Responsibilty

(hmm I'm not sure how much I like that title. Sounds way too moralistic)

Mark this next story among the Annals of Good Parenting. A 24 year old Indiana mother knew she should not be driving, being a bit intoxicated with the Percoset and "86 sleeping pills" she had ingestd over the previous 2 days, along with Grey Goose screwdrivers. So she did what any responsible person would do, she got a DD to drive her home. But what elevates this story into a classic is the fact that it was her 5 year old son who drove her home. When asked if her boy had driven her home the mom replied "He's a good driver" though the boy felt he wasn't the best because he "couldn't reach the pedals." You can read the full story and affidavit at the Smoking Gun website.
All I have to say about this is at least she didn't let the 3 year old drive. I think she was just practicing responsibility and trying to instill that in her eldest son. She was showing her kids that they should never drive when they're drunk, even if they have no other way to get home. She was also teaching her 5 year old to be the big brother and watch over his little brother by making sure to drive them home safely, as well as preparing him for that day in the future when the mom is elderly and he has to take care of her.It sounds like he's driven before so it wasn't like she just threw him there without any practice. I feel this kid is going to be incredible mature and responsible and cool under stress when he grows up. He already seems pretty self aware and smart; he did get them home safely after all.

And speaking of women doing the responsible thing Hillary, who is my second choice to be the Next President is donating 23 thousand dollars she received from a donor who has outstanding warrants after skipping out on sentencing for a 1991 fraud conviction and a habit of fund raising a little shadily, to charity. Hillary and her campaign don't want that taint of scandal and impropriety that a further association with Mr. Hsu may bring. it would be especially imprudent after the recent criticism of accepting lobbyist's money and the fear of political beholdedness. Barack, who has been issuing some of the strongest criticisms will not be returning or donating any of Mr. Hsu's money and I must ask why. It seems a bit hypocritical and that Barack is once again dimming that bright light he once had where people believed he would not just be another politician but would be above it all. Whatever happened to that hope? And so concludes this chapter where I feel the need to point out every one of Obama's missteps in the hopes that the movers, shakers and political kingmakers who (of course) read this site to "make a more informed decision" and realize Barack will be a great choice and great 2016. Just not yet.
{UPDATE: 5:30. Barack said he's giving back the money. Damn I'm influential}

Speaking of kingmakers I just had this thought when thinking about why I don't like Oprah. And of course my thoughts strayed to the gutter and the gay rumours that quietly follow her. I sort of kind of think she is, for the obvious reasons that she's over 50, never been married and had Steadman act as the perfect beard (I mean how often did you really see him and how often did you hear his voice) for twenty years, and the fact that when you're sexually abused and assaulted when you're young you may be a little turned off of guys. But anyways. Is she now so trapped by her fame, position and power that even if she were a lesbian and wanted to come out she couldn't?. There are millions of women that look up to her but (in my view) they're mostly white conservative type housewives who may have just gotten past that fact she is black. If she were to change her identity so dramatically and announce she is a lesbian I don't think she would have that same transcendence of race and class as she has now, sadly. I would hope that the courage to do that, when you have the world to lose, would enhance her reputation and public esteem, but I unfortunately don't think it would. She would be viewed and boxed in as a lesbian and not just "Oprah." That, I think, while it would endear her, have her be celebrated and made an icon by progressives and the LGBT community I sadly feel her current trend definer status for the "regular people" would be lost.
But if she were to never come out and at the end of her life somehow, in lost letters or a biography it was revealed she was a lesbian, or struggled over the decision to not come out would that totally destroy her image as someone who (I think) is all about people being open and honest and happy with who they are? Would all of her lessons in empowerment be lies? Would she be considered a fraud? Would that be her legacy?
(yup. a totally random thought.)

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