Friday, August 31, 2007

The World is Full of Morons

And we thought L.C. Upton was "dumb."
TMZ conducted an interview at San Diego State to see how many of the respondents knew what year 9/11 occurred. C'mon San Diego I used to respect y'all. And I know its a very small sample but still. This is not good, people.
(But I think my favorite part of the article is TMZ' commentary at the end):

It is understandable though, that collegians would be more likely to remember the last time Britney had a hit rather than the day that changed America forever. Oh Brit Brit! Ding Dang!

Over 2,700 people lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

I mean could you go from anything more frivolous to anything more sombre? I'm sure you
could have put some sort of intermediate sentence or two. It's just a really abrupt transition.

Speaking of shaming the American Higher Educational system just watch this clip of a college kid (a junior at presumably Vanderbilt! wow) who flew out to be on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and more importantly watch his face.

But we are not the only country of fools. Oh no. The whole world is filled with dolts. Here is a clip from the French Who Wants to be A Millionaire and it is shocking. Not only did this guy not know that the moon revolves around the Earth, but neither did half the audience. At least the college kid was probably hung over. Poor Sophie; your daddy is a moron. From Best Week Ever:

I mean even us U.S. Americans know that (hopefully.) Copernicus must be spinning in, err...Copernicus' grave must be spinning around him.

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