Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Overheard in L.M.E.- Dominance Through Arrogance

the platypus has not yet walked on land.
from the 16th of June

ev livid e: you'd better have a shout out to lme
a dam e: don't worry; one of my first ever post will be dedicated to the greatness of our convos
ev livid e: oh dear
ev livid e: i am worried
a dam e: don't be
ev livid e: i hope its the edited, censored, unoffensive edit that you'll put up
a dam e: when/if i write it i'll send you a link so you can give approval
a dam e: i'll censor your name
ev livid e: but put a pseudonym that people who know and love me could figure out
a dam e: i'll call you nina
ev livid e: no
a dam e: or what's a french name you like
ev livid e: gisele-veline
ev livid e: jk, you don't have to censor
ev livid e: i am proud of who i am, and the conversations we've had
a dam e: what's veline? a region or a last name
ev livid e: we've had many great convos
a dam e: as you should be
ev livid e: the hyphen masks the eveline
a dam e: ah
a dam e: its kinda like my proposed acapella group blued evil
ev livid e: oooooh
ev livid e: i like that!
ev livid e: is there a word for these delightful types of phrases
ev livid e: devil edeggs
a dam e: that didn't work
a dam e: LME-ilicious
ev livid e: although i'd say LME-orous before lme-ilicious
ev livid e: lme-ilicious sounds too claire's, limited too
ev livid e: LME-orous or LME-oyalty
a dam e: yeah i like LME-orous a lot
ev livid e: that sounds regal, and pompous. aka just right
a dam e: obvi
a dam e: just kidding
ev livid e: and if one were to casually use it in a sentence, it would glide off the tongue. like luh-MEE-or-ous
ev livid e: le-mir-ess
ev livid e: YES!
a dam e: hahha
a dam e: btw, this convo may be the one i post to explain the greatness of LME
a dam e: i'll write it in calligraphy {UPDATE: I don't think I can actually do that}
ev livid e: excellent
ev livid e: LME is so out of reach for the common people that we don't even need to obey the laws of phonetics. those who are privileged know how to pronounce it!
a dam e: it's like a secret religion
ev livid e: without the red tape. or robes.
ev livid e: GET IT
a dam e: of course
a dam e: do you know who i am?
ev livid e: you mean, the only other person on this planet who deserves to be in LME, let alone even understands LME and its importance?
a dam e: exactly

i repeat: the platypus has not yet walked on land.

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