Thursday, August 23, 2007

Finding Love Through Reagan

Wonkette found and posted a rather interesting pick up tactic from Craig's List from what I can only guess is a young Republican guy who worships Reagan, and wants a chick of similar mind; He created a quiz to test if one is worthy of him. (pity he's not at least Bi; one of my best friends likes Ronnie more than his children, probably.) Anyway, Let's see how I do ( and I won't use Wikipedia or google; there is some honor in this den):

If you can answer even 5 or 6 of these questions (without having to look at Wikipedia), then you might be the right girl for me.

1) What was Ronald Reagan’s middle name? Me: Wilson {Interesting fact; some guy tried to break into his house and kill him because he thought Reagan was the AntiChrist. One of the reasons he thought this was because there are 6 letters in each of Reagan's names; Ronald Wilson Reagan.]
. 1 out of 1

2) What was Reagan’s birthday? Me: No Clue. February Something, 191_.
Hmm I got the February part and that in was in the 1910s; can I get half credit? I'll say that's 1.5 out of 2

3) In what state was Ronald Reagan born? Me: Illinois
Check. 2.5 out of 3.

4) In 1966, Reagan defeated a sitting California governor. That governor’s son currently holds statewide elected office in California - what office does he hold? Me: He defeated Pat Brown father of former governor, former mayor of Oakland and former democratic presidential candidate, Jerry Brown who is the current State Attorney General and he defeated L.A. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo by a substantial margin to win the post.
Obvs. 3.5 out of 4.

5) What was the name of Reagan’s “roommate”? Me: Hmm...since roommate is in quotations maybe it has to do with that movie where he had to take care of a monkey; don't know the exact name though.
Dammit. It was Nancy. I should trust my gut. 3.5 out 5 (no points for knowing he was in a movie with an ape? That's no fair!)

6) What was Ronald Reagan’s high school nickname? Me: Dutch
Check. Someone even wrote a book about him with that name. 4.5 out of 6

7) How many lives did Reagan save while working as a lifeguard? Me: I think it was 2, but once again I'm not sure.
Ouch! I was off by a mile. It was 77. 4.5. out of 7

8) Fill in the blank: “Go out there and win one for ___________.” Me: The Gipper
Check and Check. 5.5. out of 8

9) What college did Reagan graduate from? Me: I forget sometimes that they went to college back then. I just assume they learned through doing. Which was a fancy way of saying No Clue.
Eureka College. I think I knew that when I was young, for some reason. 5.5. out of 9. All comes down to the last one.

10) For whom did Reagan give his famous 1964 speech “A Time for Choosing”? Me: Goldwater
Check. Here it is. 6.5 out of 10.

Ok let's see how I did. About 65%. I heard somewhere that 2 out of 3 ain't bad. We're the same age and both love politics. I work out and think I'm pretty hot. Why not? Though I wonder if me being a transsexual or a staunch democratic socialist would cause any problems in our relationship. I mean we could work it out just long enough so me to get something out of it. It has been a secret fantasy of mine to hook up with a Republican or a true Red state conservative.

Ain't that the truth. Y'know for shits and giggles. Too bad Craig's List scares the hell out of me. I wonder if he's hot....I'm picturing a bowtie.Hmmm

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