Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song of the Day

Maybe it was the riffy guitarness of thinking about Grinderman for this morning but when I woke up I had the "baby, baby, baby" chorus from Arctic Monkey's Space Invaders in my head. And it was there for a good portion of the day but as I searched youtube for the customary video I only found this one which gives you a good idea of the song but isn't the best visually. C'mon Youtube, step it up. [And is it possibly a Deep Eynde cover? I highly doubt it but I don't know]

But as I was looking for a video for Space Invaders it was one of those times when the song blended with another, in this case From The Ritz to The Rubble. I was hoping to save this song for the day after I go clubbing (and actually have fun) cuz the lyrics are all about it and lord knows I've had many days where "last night what we talked about it made so much sense, but now the haze is descending and it don't make much sense anymore." A helluva lot of those nights with single serving friends. But shit happens and if I really feel the urge I have no qualms about recycling a post. I'm pretty green. Anyway here's a live performance on Later...With Jools Holland. Oh and look the audience will applaud you off. Buona Notte tutti

Arctic Monkeys- Space Invaders (mp3)

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