Thursday, August 9, 2007

Great Speeches of the Gridiron

but of course since football is life these speeches can apply to any pursuit or goal that you're after. I decided to do this today because preseason football has started and it seems a good a time as any.
Pacino is pretty much G*d and this speech is one of my guy friend's favorite. It's the halftime speech from the playoff game in Any Given Sunday, whichis a pretty good movie, I love the cinematography and the touchdown celebrations (I know when it came out so everyone on my team was recreating them after practice when we would play pick up football.)

Halftime speeches make for great theatre and its such an easy set up for a great stirring speech; because they're always about coming together and doing your best and living in the moment without any regrets, giving it your all; the best of humanity. Here's one such speech from Friday Night Lights, the championship game, which is a great movie, but actually my 3rd favorite incarnation behind the book and t.v. show, in that order. That's how good they are.

(I think I should probably take this speech to heart. I have such an issue with trying to be perfect, in everything. I don't know if its necessarily bad but it can be limiting and it can get really depressing, y'know the inevitable failure. I blame Radiohead for releasing Creep at such a formative time in my life. I still really want a perfect body, I want a perfect soul)

Anywhoo, (that little self reflection aside) actually here's one of those halftime speeches from Friday Night Lights, god I love that show (can you tell I haven't planned any of this out?)

But of course before you get to those championship game situations you have to work hard and give it your all. This is actually my friend's favorite speech ever. It's from Rudy, which I really don't like though so many people swear by and worship this movie. I don't know I guess it's the use of every cliche or maybe I just don't believe the story or the fact that I hate Notre Dame, but even with all that you can't underestimate the power of Charles Dutton's speech.(Insert slow clap here)

And finally here's Denzel's Gettysburg Address (which rivals the original,obvs) but it is such a perfect scene, with a message of togetherness for us all. Plus Denzel is, if not G*d, then he's Black Jesus. I'd worship him on my knees.

(Speaking of football, my high school is having an athlete's only reunion to celebrate our new field lights on the 31st. There are free drinks, but somehow I don't think I'm going. That would be a little toooo weird.)

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