Monday, August 6, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song of the Day

When I woke up this morning, and for the longest time thereafter I had Veruca Salt's Seether stuck in my head and the video was so perfect for my early to mid 90's alternative music nostalgia, but then I went on Slate and they had a photographic essay tribute to Andy Warhol because today would have been his 79th birthday. I've never really "gotten" Warhol like some people and I've never liked him or the way it can be said he used certain people, but I've always dug his scene; The Factory, the Warhol Superstars,Velvet Underground, all that noise; the village in the late 60's is in my lists of place to go once I build my time machine. But I, and this site, do owe a debt to him. You see that profile picture? It isn't me (Gasp!) I'm not a blonde ;) Truthfully it's Candy Darling one of Warhol's Superstars, and sort of an inspiration to me in a weird way, incredibly gorgeous and she has the most absolutely fabulous name ever! Plus she has one of the best quotes ever in an exchange that went something like:

Interviewer: "So we're all wondering; how often do you get your period, Candy?"
Candy Darling: "Every day. That's how much of a woman I am."

Ah, I love it! But that digression aside once I started looking at the slideshow for the rest of the day, and of course still now I've had David Bowie's "Andy Warhol" stuck in my head. It has a really catchy repeated guitar riff, but when I finally looked up the lyrics I wasn't sure if Bowie was criticizing Warhol; they didn't seem that positive to me (though Bowie did play Warhol in Basquiat, so I'm not sure.)
Anyway the video I found on youtube I'm not sure if it is an actual release, (it seems to fit that type of vibe), or one of those fan "directed" ones, (some of the images of Bowie look like their from his Life on Mars video I don't think he was yet fully in his Ziggy phase and one face looked like a Jimmy Carter mask) but I still like it and the confusion of the images works with the song. But enjoy and Happy Birthday Mr. Warhol

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