Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Overheard in L.M.E.- Of Clothes & Ciphers, Sins & Sisters

a conversation from the 18th of June of this year. Continuing the debate whether or not I should go to an alumni screening of Harry Potter at Warner Bros.

ev livid e: im all about carpe diem, never will i ever again stuff
a dam e: fuck that- i'm going to be a STAR
ev livid e: right, i knew that, but i mean, never will you ever see a harry potter movie in the studio lot as a plain simpleton
ev livid e: duh
a dam e: i dress like a plebian
ev livid e: i wear pajamas 24/7
ev livid e: because i never know when im going to nap
a dam e: hahah
ev livid e: thus, i dress like a sloth
ev livid e: which also means, i dress like a sin
a dam e: that is the smartest strategy i have ever heard
ev livid e: which means i dress sinfully
ev livid e: oh believe me, it is the greatest
ev livid e: i wake up, don't have to change, eat breakfast, go back and nap, wake up, snack, watch tv, rest on the couch, play with the sister, eat dinner, watch tv, sit on the couch, go on the computer in bed, fall asleep
ev livid e: all in the same clothes
ev livid e: its efficient
a dam e: i see there is no shower in there
ev livid e: it varies in terms of time placement
ev livid e: this morning i played tennis, so i showered at noon
ev livid e: i didn't want to give false information
a dam e: good
ev livid e: badassmothafuckas don't lie
ev livid e: i think badassmothafuckas should be the plebian version of LME
ev livid e: or more specifically, the s.l.j. version
ev livid e: yes. to recap:
a dam e: whats slj?
ev livid e: bamf = slj of LME
ev livid e: samuel l jackson
a dam e: and if it is plebian, does that exclude members of LME from being badass mutherfuckas
ev livid e: its not plebian though. thats why i changed it to slj, which is the epitome of cooly ruthless with attitude
ev livid e: aka CRA
ev livid e: CRWA
ev livid e: so
ev livid e: bamf = slj(crwa)
a dam e: i see
ev livid e: i haven't done this much equation work since ap bc calc!
a dam e: so many abbreviations
ev livid e: thats part of being in LME
ev livid e: using abbreviations that commoners and muggles don't understand
ev livid e: ps me and my sister just beatboxed the barney "i love you" song
a dam e: please don't let her grow up to be like you
ev livid e she's here right now
ev livid e: and just laughed at your messgae
ev livid e: more like scoffed
a dam e: it was intended for her eyes
ev livid e: she knows im the epitome of everything thats superior, not just excellent, in the world
a dam e: pity

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