Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Future is Now

or the Japanese are crazy.
Many many months ago I saw someplace, maybe on Keith Olbermann, that scientists were predicting that within 20 years robots would have "consciousness" ( if you could still call them robots at that point) but that within 5 years humans would be having sex with this robots. (It lead to me posting an away message extolling the joy and pleasure of unconscious robot sex and our 15 years of it)
Well apparently that day of robot-human intercourse is (already here j/k) a lot closer and probably even closer considering I've had this story for maybe a month now. [UPDATE: and then this has been around for years. who knew?]
The Japanese have created a sex doll (or synthetic human) which sort of blows the Real Doll away and is "almost-perfect, silicon-made [the] Honey Doll is equipped with touch sensors that will make her moan with different sounds...[the] sensors activate an internal MP3 player connected to a speaker located in the head of the doll. You can put whatever sound you want in the player." (you can hear it demonstrated here, if you're into it)

I guess that's a good thing? The whole thing seems creepy, especially a doll that you can make say whatever you want. I never really understood the sex doll thing, though I can understand the loneliness of wanting to cuddle with someone ( I know the desire though not the Freudian fetish), but I am more than okay with anything anyone does, (as long as no one is hurt [against their will].) Seriously who am I to judge? And this documentary that was on the BBC a few weeks ago really gave me a little bit of understanding. Of course the whole phenomenon does speak to issues of fantasy gender roles, patriarchy, desire and pretty much everything it means to be human, and befitting such a topic some artists are exploring that (here's a pretty good article about a Chicago artist and her "Real" Twin)
But what I'm most excited about is the new Ryan Gosling movie "Lars and the Real Girl" which looks amazing and so quirky yet so "full of heart". I love the cast ( I heart Emily Mortimer) and I can't wait to see it ( though I have a feeling in the end he will "outgrow" his need for a "doll" , fall in love with a breathing girl and be "normalized" though of course the alternate would be far more interesting, but what can you expect; it is Hollywood. Watch the trailer here and try to not love it:

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