Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song of the Day

Today your stuck in my head song of the day is by What Made Milwaukee Famous (which I always thought was beer) a band that isn't from Milwaukee, rather Austin, and is named after a Jerry Lee Lewis song. I saw them live at Local 506 in Chapel Hill and they were absolutely amazing. And i totally dug the lead singer's shaggy visage; sweaty with a guitar in a night club- soo hot. I seriously love this band and I plan on them becoming the Best Band Ever* at some point so I don't wanna use up all my good stuff here but you should definitely get to know them (and buy their record, if you're so inclined).
Anyway the song is Idecide, the lead track from their album Trying to Never Catch Up and I remember when they played it live the electronic synthesizer (or whatever) feel was different from their more base set, not that different is bad in any way, and in fact this song is quite amazing, and that synthesizer (or whatever) riff really jams itself in your head. I never understood many of the lyrics (besides Idecide and "Have mercy on me for I' ll not give up") but perusing them here (which was like the only place I could find them. Oh wait maybe I should try the band's website. ) it does have some poetry:
We're aching from the pressure,
All angles and all asides.
The waitings not the anguish,
Its the ride.
Word ::lowers head slightly, closes eyes and rises right fist in solidarity:: I feel ya. The video doesn't really do much for me, but it does allow you to hear the song well,which is the important thing, so enjoy. And goodnight.

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