Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Final Ookie Post at Least until the Next One

So this is my last bit of unsolicited advice but PTI had a topic about whether going on Oprah could help rehabilitate Mike Vick's image. I am really over Oprah (never been a fan) but that got me thinking and this is what I figure: if between now and his sentencing Mike Vick were to appear on like a special 90 minute edition of Larry King Live or some other national call in show it might help.
Have Larry, the horrible interviewer he is, interview Vick for about half an hour and then open the phone lines and have whoever, the most rabid anti-Vickist or rabid PETA supporters have their say to call in and tell him what they think of him. Disparage him, scream at him curse and call him awful in all ways. The whole time keep the camera focused on Vick. If Vick is actually as contrite and remorseful as he says it is this will be a little bit of penance. And though the experience would be quite awkward (for the viewer) and difficult for Vick, it would be fascinating and I think it may turn opinion to the smallest degree. Americans may like to humilate people but they don't necessarily like to watch when hundreds of people in a row call in to basically throw rotten tomatoes at someone. Eventually they will think he's had or suffered enough of such a punishment and may begin to feel sympathy for him. Especially if they can see the emotional toll on his face and that he is racked with guilt.

All people want to, more than actual remorse sometimes, is to see that a punishment has been served and such a public shaming and humiliation will give them more satisfaction then him being locked away in, what many will always call Club Fed. And then once he actually gets out of jail I think people will be more ready to move on.

I'm not sure I articulated that well, but I think you may get the idea. And anyway it's just a thought.

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