Friday, August 3, 2007

Can We Please Stop These Now?

I think its safe to say this trend has gotten a little stale and out of control First there was Barack Girl, then there was the greatness that is Hott4Hill, and then the silent softcore supporting Ron Paul, which had its moments but now people are attempting to extend this phenomenon of political discourse to 2nd tier Republican candidates. I know Ron Paul isn't winning a primary anytime soon, but at least he has that kind of long shot blackhorse buzz which lends him some coolness. The same cannot be said about Sam Brownback, a conservative so consistent and so boring he could only come from a state as blah as Kansas. (No offence Kansas)

I mean I guess it's amusing and all but come on, it's only August a full 15 months before the general election. At this rate we're going to run out of actual candidates by like October. And then I'm sure eventual there'll be something like Wet for Washington or "(I Wish That I Was) Grover's Girl" or "Dewey, Do Me" "Harry, I'll Let your Buck Stop Here" and now this are beginning to sound like horrible porno names , but you get the idea. So let's just end it now before anyone else gets hurt*

*though I must admit I would love to see a really straight 1950's guy in a gray flannel suit (but with a twinkle in his eyes) singing "I Really Like Ike" I would be amused.

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