Friday, August 3, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song of the Day

I was tempted at the last moment to post an absolutely spectacular and kind of catchy song but then I thought about it and I can put it to much better use later. And plus I don't want to waste it on a Friday night dump.
Anyway today's stuck in my head song of the day is Chocolate Rain. I heard about it a few weeks ago but I thought it was just some parody of Purple Rain or something, but its so much more. Created by Tay Zonday (I'm not sure if I think that name is cool or is sort of grating), whose not a traditional musician in any way, he's gotten his big break through youtube where this video has been viewed over 3 and a half million times. And this maybe the way new music explodes, though hopefully its not all this disposable and I'm not sure if that would actually be a good thing, agreeing to some extent with Elton (though not as severely). And its all just harmless fun and makes me kind of like John Mayer more for playing along.
Anyway, I don't know much about him besides the fact he's 25 from Minneapolis and seems really smart (in that way where anyone who uses big words and talks a lot I'll just assume is smart when I'm too lazy to actually investigate or think about what they're expounding.) But above all that, and his kind of bull frog sounding voice, is the music and this song is horribly catchy, and if you get hooked on it you can download the song from his youtube page
So here it is the original that sparked countless (or 1,080) spoofs, parodies and remixes

Yup that should be stuck in your head for a few...

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