Sunday, June 17, 2007

Overheard in LME- Pre-History

(some names have been changed to protect the LME-orous ;)
a late night conversation in Europe; September 11, 2005)

ev livid e : are you just saying that because you pity me
a dam e : and one thing i know is the heart finds strange ways
a dam e : i pity very few people
a dam e : i'm far too much of a snob
ev livid e : i am too
ev livid e : elitists unite
a dam e : we should start a facebook group
a dam e : entitled what
ev livid e : can we just make it us two. because that would be very very elitist
a dam e : elitist unite
a dam e: or something like that
ev livid e : EU for short
ev livid e : no
ev livid e : thats too european
a dam e : yeah
a dam e : fuck that
ev livid e : hmmm.
ev livid e : lets call it
ev livid e : t.c.f.y.s.f.o.
a dam e : s.f.h.p.
ev livid e : ahah last time i tried to shorten something it looked really wrong
ev livid e : and i won't repeat it, but you know what i was talking about
a dam e : yeah
a dam e : dyk
ev livid e : a professor definitely walked behind me

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