Thursday, August 2, 2007

I Must Say I'm Intrigued

I saw this on Idolator yesterday and being a fan of strange and bizarre music my antennae were piqued (raised?.) It's a band called Harptallica and it's, I'm sure you can figure it out (hint: it's two harpists covering Metallica songs) And they actually sound really good, in a slightly skewed way of course. But it is really cool and maybe its the fact that my mom plays the harp or the fact that their both attractive enough, but I want them to be a big success. So please someone sign them to a record deal; I'm sure the lads in Metallica would be happy with the income considering how they haven't done shit for years, and this kind of project has a niche (fans of The Decemberists , Joanna Newsom, lullabyes) Plus I just believe people are craving new and different instrumentations and arrangements, I know I am.
So good luck ladies; now just do one thing and cover this song and I'd love you for ever.


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