Monday, September 10, 2007

Notes On a Sporting Weekend

So I think this weekend was the start of that time of year when it is either a bit of a sports overload, or paradise depending on your perspective, with college football, NFL opening weekend and baseball pennant races. It was weekends like this where I wish I was at Devine's like all day, where the chili is always amazing and the same regulars are always there with their quirks, and I would laugh at the misfortunes of my friends' teams. Great times. So anyway these are a few random thoughts that I accumulated this weekend.

  • Jonathon Broxton, you're not dead to me yet (we're still [barely] in the race) but I am very close to pulling the plug. Not only did you make us lose.To the Giants. Twice. But if we had won those games we could have moved up in the West or at least the Wild Card. That is not okay in the slightest. C'mon Jonathon,we need you. Shake it off, but don't let it happen again.
  • Watching the Auburn/South Florida game (and why is the University of South Florida in Tampa?) when it ended it was close to midnight and I realized something about college life. First when you go to an SEC school you have to dress up to go to a game. Secondly when your team wins a game you go out drinking and celebrating. When they lose you're angry so you stay in and angrily drink, but either way you drink. I miss that, I think.
  • When Bo Schembechler died last year the day before the Michigan/Ohio State game I really thought he loved the Wolverines so much that he died in order to inspire them to victory over their biggest rival which would give them a shot at the national title. I've come to think differently, however. Now I kind of think that Bo allowed the Wolverines to be humbled and embarrassed with their worst season ever, in an attempt to gain entry into heaven. I don't know why exactly St. Peter would want Michigan to suffer but he accepted the Curse of Bo Schembechler. I mean they haven't only not won a game but the losses have been historic. I mean how else can you explain App. St and then losing to Oregon in the worst home loss, since the season before Bo's first season at Michigan. Maybe Bo really didn't curse Michigan (though he probably did), instead maybe he is orchestrating these repeated shamings so Michigan will adapt and come out of it stronger. At least I'll hope so, for next week at least- they cannot lose to the Irish.
  • This doesn't really have anything to do with this weekend specifically, I just thought it was funny. Joe Pa and his wife just recently discovered the show M*A*S*H and have never seen Cheers and are hoping to "discover it soon." Seriously I can't be surprised-it's Joe Pa. He's so old school I would be shocked if he actually had a color t.v.
  • And the whole Rodney Harrison-HGH story has been so brushed over it's sickening. Here's a leading defender on a 3 time Championship team admitting to using a banned substance and you hear about a tenth of the outrage as one hears about Rick Ankiel and his hgh-ness (or about half according to a very quick unscientific google poll) And it's not like it's being shushed because Rodney Harrison is a good guy, he's the dirtiest player in the league.Then what is it? Is the NFL really that bullet proof? (I mean, have you even heard about this?) And yes I do apply a double standard to teams and players I hate as opposed to the clean and upstanding citizens of my favorite sporting clubs. (Also about the Jets game, when Chad got hurt and his back up came in, while I was watching live I just thought the crowd was applauding to offer encouragement to the back up, not to express their delight in an injury, though apparently I think too kindly of people.)
  • On Sunday night football John Madden and Al Michaels were talking about a new official who is in charge of the kicking balls and one of them said something like "they call [this official] Dr. K." To which John responded something like " you know those officials can be women too" Al: " Yeah we would call them Mrs. Dr. K" (and that transcription was very loose and paraphrased. but you get the idea) Guys you do realize women are allowed to be doctors- there are millions of them, and I'm sure there's a female heart surgeon waiting to operate on John if he keeps on eating turduckens. It reminded me of a riddle that I saw on the Cosby Show.
  • The Nextel Cup Chase or whatever is starting soon and I still have no idea how it works. Do the other drivers who aren't in the chase just not race? And so will there be only 12 cars on the track? And speaking of fake playoffs I don't understand- in golf now that Tiger won a match (don't think thats the right term) and Phil has a win as well, they both have to show up this weekend, right?
  • Roger Federer, excuse me, God beat Djokovic Novak which I think is his name (or vice versa maybe-either one works) for the US Open title which everyone knew would happen. Like the sun rising too early and Monday would come too soon after the weekend. I didn't know too much about Novak Djokovic but when I saw him in his semifinal match against Ferrer he reminded me of someone. Then it came to me; he is the total twin of (the great) Lee Melchionni. God Lee was awesome; I miss that kid. But check for yourself

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