Friday, September 28, 2007

You Know What I Would Love?

If Congressional Democrats wouldn't remove the transgender protection clause from the Employment Non Discrimination Act just for the sake of political expediency. (or if there was a greater outrage from LGBT groups and the liberal democrats. and I don't think GENDA will fare any better) That would make me happy. I mean I understand about piecemeal and baby steps but (especially since it affects me) whatever happened to equality for all and doing what you really feel is right? I mean even Tim Hardaway loves gay and trans people- can't congress?

and as thanks for listening to that here is the best 9 seconds you spend today


dramatic chipmunk really never gets old- especially if you haven't seen it for awhile
(and here's the original source if you've never seen it)

Ah I can see these next 500 posts will be revolutionary...

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1 comment:

Sandy Hereld said...

Exactly! I mean, it's possible that this is a rational incremental strategy to get us where we want to go -- but it sure smells like sellout...